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Cambodian Cotton Krama Scarf - Light

Cambodian Cotton Krama Scarf - Light

Cambodian Cotton Krama Scarf - Light

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Shop Amnesty International USA is proud to be selling Cambodian Kramas woven by LGBT artisans in Cambodia. The Krama is a national symbol for all Cambodian people. It is used in everyday life not only as a scarf or fashion accessory but also as protection from the sun. The rainbow color of the krama reflects the diversity in the LGBT community in Cambodia who are often misunderstood, mistreated and threatened. The sale of this scarf supports Cambodia Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity project which works to protect and promote human rights among the LGBT community. The Rainbow Krama is a colorful & powerful way to show your support for marginalized LGBT communities in Cambodia & beyond. The sale of the karma funds campaigns and projects aimed to reduce discrimination & support LGBT victims of human rights violations.

  • Handmade from Cambodian cotton by local artisans
  • Supports LGBT communities in Cambodia
  • Good for all season!
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