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About Us

Our store supports the life-saving human rights work of Amnesty International. Whether you are shopping for gifts or for yourself, you can feel good about our products because each one is ethically sourced.
At Amnesty International, it is our mission to ensure human rights for all people. The products at our online store are fairly traded, ethical and sweatshop-free: gifts with a message. We care about the people who create our products and make certain that no one was exploited for their hard work. When you shop for handmade & fair trade products at our store, your purchases will be supporting communities all around the world.

Amnesty International strives to protect and advocate for citizens of the world wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. Currently the world's largest grassroots human rights organization, we investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. Every dollar counts when you shop with us: every purchase you make and every item you wear or use supports our work and raises awareness for human rights.

Shop like you're on a mission, because you are!