Can I return or exchange an item? 

Yes, you can return and exchange items under the conditions of our refund and exchange policy.

What is your privacy policy?

Find out how your personal information is collected, used and shared in our Privacy Policy.

What is your shipping policy?

Please read our Shipping Policy here.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You can expect your order to ship in 3-7 business days, possibly sooner.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally, but please take note that the buyer is responsible for all duties and taxes charged by the country of destination. They are not included in the shipping costs. 

How do you define what are ethically produced garments?

Although not perfect, we have sourced products that are ethically produced. The manufacture and decorating of the items are from companies that are unionized or at least produced under good working conditions. We only use products that are either produced in countries where there are reasonable labor standards or else have strict inspections and avoid any manufacturing which are characterized by gross human rights violations. We decorate the garments in our union print shop in Rhode Island and send them to you.
We are not Amazon. You will not receive your merchandise in two days. It takes more time to treat workers ethically than not and we don't have robots.

How can I order shirts for a Local Group or Student Group?

If you are a Local Group or Student Group that wants to place a bulk order,  print a custom design or reprint an old design, please contact us at info@ doinggoodmerch.com. 

How can I become more involved with the work of Amnesty International USA?

Visit the Amnesty International USA website to find ways to become more involved in protecting and defending human rights.

 How does my purchase help Amnesty International USA?

This shop is run by Doing Good Merch. We are activists, and garment and printing industry experts committed to sourcing ethically produced and decorated products. A guaranteed percentage of total sales of this shop goes to support Amnesty’s work. Your order will be processed by Doing Good Merch, who bear all the costs associated with running the shop. 100% of donations will go directly to Amnesty International USA.